Maintaining Allergy-prone items


Nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in one square yard of carpet, along with all the other allergens that accumulate on the floor. Weekly vacuuming is essential to keeping carpets clean and allergen-free. Under furniture and in crevices against the

Fabric care

To kill allergens on furniture, try a specialty fabric spray. Febreze now makes both allergen-reducing and antimicrobial formulas that are safe to use on most upholstery (except leather). For clothing, take care of dirty, wet items right away—don’t give mildew

Efficient dusting

Using feather dusters or plain dust rags moves—rather than removes—dust around your home. Use a damp cloth or a product specially designed for maximum dust pick up, such as Swiffer. Don’t wait until you can see the dust to wipe

Drapes and mini-blinds

Window treatments are real dust collectors. The easiest way to get rid of allergens in drapes and curtains is to simply have them dry cleaned. See our “Drapes and Rugs” section for detailed information. For mini-blinds, gentle vacuuming with the